Celebration of Dashain Festival

The Consulate General of Nepal, Chengdu organized Dashain Festival on the auspicious occasion of Vijaya Dashami 2079, at the Consulate premises on 5 October 2022. Nepali nationals along with their family members residing in Consulate jurisdiction (Sichuan, Guizhou, and Chongqing) were invited to participate in the event. After exchanging greetings and putting tikas, Nepali Community members shared their views about

Luzhou visit

Consul General visited Luzhou from 14-16 July 2022, upon the invitation from Sichuan FAO to participate in the 17th China International Alcoholic Drinks Expo (CIADE) 2022. The major purpose of the visit on behalf of the Consulate General was to explore the opportunities for Nepal in the sector of Trade, Tourism, Investment, Traditional medicine and alcohol branding and marketing. Upon

Chongqing visit

Meeting with the Chongqing Municipal Foreign Affairs Office Officials from the Consulate General Nepal led by Consul General Mr. Dinesh Ghimire visited to Chongqing Municipal from 10 July 2022 to 12 July 2022.During the visit a meeting followed by luncheon was hosted by Chongqing Municipal Foreign Affairs Office.  Mr. Li Mingquan, Deputy Director General of Chongqing Municipal Foreign Affairs Office

Guizhou visit

Meeting with the Guizhou Foreign Affairs Office Officials from the Consulate General Nepal led by Consul General Mr. Dinesh Ghimire visited to Guizhou Province from 30 June 2022 to 2 July 2022. During the visit a luncheon meeting was hosted by Guizhou Foreign Affairs office.  Mr. Zhang Hanlin, Secretary of the Leading Party Member’s Group and Director General of Guizhou

通知 Notice on Office Closure_Dragon Boat Festival

This is to inform all the concerned that the Consulate General will remain closed on 3 June 2022 on the occasion of Dragon Boat Festival. The Consulate General will resume its work as usual from 6 June 2022. 通知 兹通知,尼泊尔驻成都总领事馆将于2022年6月3日端午节期间闭馆, 并于2022年6月6日起恢复正常办公。 2022-06-01 2022年6月01日

वैदेशिक रोजगार बचतपत्र २०८४ (५ वर्षे) विक्री सम्बन्धी सूचना

नेपाल राष्ट्र बैंकले १२.५ प्रतिशत ब्याजदरको वैदेशिक रोजगार बचतपत्र २०८४ (५ वर्षे) मिति २०७९ जेठ १८ देखि २०७९ असार ६ (जुन १ देखि २०, २०२२ ) सम्म विक्री खुल्ला गरेको छ। वैदेशिक रोजगारीका क्रममा मुलुक बाहिर रहनुभएका वा वैदेशिक रोजगारीबाट नेपाल फर्कनुभएका नेपाली नागरिकहरु तथा विदेशमा बसोबास गर्नुहुने गैर आवासीय नेपालीहरुले यस बचतपत्रको लागि आवेदन भर्न पाउनुहुनेछ।  ईच्छुकहरुले https://obss.nrb.org.np/saving/  मा

15th Republic Day Celebration

Consulate General of Nepal in Chengdu organized a ceremony in its premises yesterday on 29 May the 15th Republic Day of Nepal. At the onset, Consul General, Mr. Dinesh Kumar Ghimire welcomed the members from Non-Residential Nepali community and Consulate General family present in the ceremony and extended his greetings on the occasion. The formal program started with the National